Business Insurance Overview

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You have spent many years growing your business and it is a huge part of your life, so why take a risk with your insurance? Let our advisors give you a full risk profile to make sure you are fully protected.

We have over 40 years of experience in providing tailor made solutions for all different types of companies, partnerships and individuals. We don’t just offer you a quote, we offer you a programme specifically designed to suit you and your business needs.

Below is a list of types of business we support, but we strongly advise you to contact us, so we can use our experience to help you find a competitive package.

  • Manufacturing – from the small workshop to the large factory
  • Wholesalers – small agents to large storage facilities
  • Engineering – precision engineers to the large manufacturers
  • Construction – Builders, joiners, plasterers to the large contractors
  • Electronics – Sole Traders to large electrical contractors
  • Professionals – Solicitors, accountants and lawyers etc.
  • Services – Marketing, advertising, management and all types of consultants
  • Catering – mobile burger bars to your five star restaurants
  • Sports and leisure – We run a specialist scheme for all sports clubs – see our tennis club policy
  • Property owners – if you own a second home or have a portfolio of policies
  • Agricultural – smallholders or farmers
  • Retail – all types of shops and offices
  • Motor trade – Working from home or if you have garage premises
  • Computers and IT – manufacturers, retail, repair and consultants
  • Self employed – all other self-employed persons, such as teachers, window cleaners etc.

Call now on 01663 747000 to speak to Graham Nevett for a no obligation appraisal, alternatively complete the contact form and a qualified advisor will call you at a convenient time.